These approaches and standards expressed underneath are relevant to all W.S.TEAM clients. W.S.TEAM benevolently asks for every one of the clients to be focused on the implementation of such assention. The administration is authorized to the clients in light of their endorsement of the considerable number of terms and conditions expressed hereunder.

If you don’t mind read the assention painstakingly before beginning to utilize the administration. Tapping the catch “I concur” toward the finish of this understanding, implies that the customer absolutely consents to confer every one of the terms and conditions expressed thereunder.

General Terms and Conditions

– It is denied to exchange, store or give any information or data of any materials abusing the Islamic enactment or some other conventions and traditions.

– All administrations gave by W.S.TEAM are utilized just for legitimate purposes.

– Getting or profiting by a W.S.TEAM benefit implies that you consent to fit in with the terms and conditions hereunder.

– W.S.TEAM has the privilege to change the conditions in this regard whenever with no duty on W.S.TEAM side. W.S.TEAM should advise the present client of any revisions.

– The clients should pay the administration charges when the client request the administration.

– if there should arise an occurrence of site membership restoration :

1-The client might focus on restoration at the time due as expressed in his/her receipt. The client should be told of restoration in a time of 30 days ahead of time.

2 on the off chance that client does not ask for reestablishment, reinforcement duplicate should be held for the client’s site on W.S.TEAM server for 14 days at most.

3-Access to the record might be disallowed inside 48 hours of the date of recharging. In the event of the client demand to reactivate the record and recover reinforcement of their site, 200 SAR should be paid as reactivation charge.

– W.S.TEAM might never hold the obligation regarding any misfortunes coming about because of monetary exchange or bank stores.

– When installment of stores to W.S.TEAM financial balance, notice on such store should be sent W.S.TEAM accounts office inside close to 72 hours.

– W.S.TEAM should never hold the duty, under any conditions, for any business assentions far from W.S.TEAM ticket framework or messages in W.S.TEAM site.

– W.S.TEAM should never, under any conditions, request the clients to send any data by any methods aside from W.S.TEAM ticket framework.

– W.S.TEAM is qualified for choose, as per W.S.TEAM interests, to dismiss, end or wipe out any agreement.

Rights of Customers

– W.S.TEAM might give the best quality and proficiency of administrations and guarantee client rights while completely dedicated to the season of agreement settled upon with the client.

– aianat might give the most abnormal amount of dependability of servers.

– W.S.TEAM might keep up client’s close to home data and information and never reveal them to any outsider unless with official composed consent from an administrative or global skilled body. In such case, client should be told of the entire circumstance.

– W.S.TEAM might keep the level of administrations and unique offers publically reported on W.S.TEAM official site without separation or qualification as for any arrangement whatever.

– W.S.TEAM, if there should be an occurrence of administrations interferences in whenever, might remunerate clients with an extra interims consequently to the time when the administrations were briefly intruded.

– W.S.TEAM might convey the administrations in the correct time as settled upon with the client.

– W.S.TEAM should add to client accommodation and give all the administration required however much as could reasonably be expected with no extra endeavors in favor of client.

– W.S.TEAM should keep straightforward arrangements on educating client about facilitating server status.

Design Terms

– The client has the privilege to pick the plan, hues and shapes he/she needs as long all things considered outline does exclude any issues damaging Islamic enactment (e.g. picture of ladies, verses, and so forth.).

– Layouts and last outline are created as PNG organize. The client does not have the privilege to make utilization of pictures utilized as a part of such formats in any capacity.

– The client has the privilege to request alteration to the outline before the last plan is endorsed.

– The client has the privilege to dismiss the outline simply in the wake of looking into gave that the client presents sensible legitimizations for such dismissal. The client at that point should be resolved to give particular data and depiction to the new layout.

– Venture programing and coding might be propelled once the client affirms the last layout.

– W.S.TEAM might hold no duty towards the client, in issues of alteration, once the plan is conveyed to the client as settled upon.

– W.S.TEAM should hold no duty over the outline in the event of any change, redirection, or adjustment caused by the site proprietor/client or some other outsider.

– W.S.TEAM might hold no obligation over the outline and facilitating in the event of mishaps/absconds caused by another organization/outsider to which the client conveys such plan.

– The client should pay a large portion of the sum settled upon in the agreement by the start of the venture. The rest might be repaid while conveying the last undertaking layout.

– Venture period should begin from the date of first installment.

– Task conveyance might be helpless against greatest 7 days deferral of the conveyance day because of nature of configuration administrations and necessities.

– W.S.TEAM should hold no obligation concerning any alteration in the codes caused by the client or whatever other engineer who is subsidiary to W.S.TEAM.

– The client might never distribute the plan without W.S.TEAM copyrights incorporated into it. On the off chance that the client damages W.S.TEAM copyrights, W.S.TEAM at that point has the privilege to distribute a similar outline for nothing.

– Extra 40% of the task add up to repayment might be included case the client requests expulsion of W.S.TEAM copyrights from the plan.

– The client should hold full obligation regarding the site reinforcement to be utilized if important. W.S.TEAM should never hold obligation over any harm caused to the site reinforcement because of any hacking assaults and invalid consents to reinforcement organizers and documents.

Hosting Terms

– It is disallowed to exchange, store or give any information or data of any materials abusing the Islamic enactment, copyrights property or licenses.

– It is precluded to add to propelling or supporting sites advancing unlawful exercises, bigotry, ideological fanaticism, corruption of religions, as well as any dangers to individuals.

– It is restricted to transfer any documents containing infections or SSHs with the motivation behind taking data or causing harm. In the event that client transfer such records, the site might be brought down and shut continually.

– It is disallowed to distribute any product of uses identified with hacking or any instructive materials on hacking and theft.

– It is disallowed to make any sort of harm any site facilitated by W.S.TEAM or to W.S.TEAM servers.

– It is entirely denied to use to W.S.TEAM servers to send publicizing or limited time SPAM of sites or items.

– It is denied to send SPAM and undesirable messages; including messages to mailing list with consents from beneficiaries. This is an instance of abusing global laws and enactments which puts W.S.TEAM lawful risk to addressing. If there should arise an occurrence of such infringement, the site might be brought down and shut promptly and continually.

– W.S.TEAM has the privilege to change and alter value designs and administrations whenever. Such adjustment might be connected to new site ventures and if there should arise an occurrence of recharging, yet not to sites effectively held before alteration.

– W.S.TEAM should give, on every day, week after week and month to month premise, site reinforcement records for clients to be utilized if essential. The client should hold full obligation regarding the site reinforcement. W.S.TEAM might never hold duty over any harm caused to the site reinforcement because of any hacking assaults and invalid consents to reinforcement envelopes and records.

– in the event that the client does not ask for site membership restoration 7 days before due date, W.S.TEAM might wipe out the server reservation continually. The client at that point does not have the privilege to request any money related rights or site reinforcement records.

– on the off chance that the client does not pay charges of a predefined benefit, W.S.TEAM has the privilege to detach and end any administrations accommodated the client until he/she gives installment of all administrations in full terms.

– W.S.TEAM might guarantee client site security ensure site against content spillage, regardless of the possibility that W.S.TEAM suspends the site membership. W.S.TEAM should give a duplicate of such site at that point to the client.

– W.S.TEAM has the privilege to reject to have any site abusing W.S.TEAM open arrangement without providing any defenses as well as reasons.

– so as to keep elevated requirements of administrations quality, W.S.TEAM has the privilege to suspend the membership of any site if there should be an occurrence of abusing Reasonable Utilization Strategy, FUP, and thusly makes brief or perpetual harm W.S.TEAM administrations gave to sites of different clients.

Payment Terms

Discounting strategy should be liable to the accompanying :

– Discounting might be given if installment has been completely finished before conveyance of administrations.

– No discount should be given following 30 days from getting the administration.

– Bank exchange costs should be deducted from the due sum.

– No discounting should be given if there should arise an occurrence of client infringement of any terms and conditions expressed in the agreement of the administrations.

– No discounting should be given unless by an immediate formal composed demand from the client sent by means of the email enlisted in W.S.TEAM mailing list and in the wake of affirming such discounting demand with the client in the wake of calling him/her on their telephone number enrolled in W.S.TEAM framework.

Acceptable usage policy

Your utilization of our webpage implies that you acknowledge, and consent to submit to, every one of the approaches in this worthy utilize arrangement, which supplement our terms of site utilize.

Restricted employments

You may utilize our site just for legitimate purposes. You may not utilize our site:

In any capacity that ruptures any pertinent nearby, national or worldwide law or control.

In any capacity that is unlawful or false, or has any unlawful or deceitful reason or impact.

With the end goal of hurting or endeavoring to hurt minors in any capacity.

To transmit, or obtain the sending of, any spontaneous or unapproved publicizing or limited time material or some other type of comparable requesting (spam).

To purposely transmit any information, send or transfer any material that contains infections, Trojan stallions, worms, time-bombs, keystroke lumberjacks, spyware, adware or some other hurtful projects or comparative PC code intended to unfavorably influence the operation of any PC programming or equipment.

You additionally concur:

Not to replicate, copy, duplicate or re-offer any piece of our webpage in negation of the arrangements of our terms of site utilize.

Not to access without expert, meddle with, harm or disturb:

any piece of our site;

any hardware or system on which our site is put away;

any product utilized as a part of the arrangement of our site; or

any gear or system or programming possessed or utilized by any outsider.

Suspension and end

We will decide, in our tact, regardless of whether there has been a rupture of this adequate utilize approach through your utilization of our site. At the point when a break of this strategy has happened, we may make such move as we consider suitable.

Inability to conform to this satisfactory utilize arrangement constitutes a material break of the terms of utilization whereupon you are allowed to utilize our site, and may bring about our taking all or any of the accompanying activities:

Prompt, impermanent or lasting withdrawal of your entitlement to utilize our site.

Quick, transitory or perpetual expulsion of any posting or material transferred by you to our site.

Issue of a notice to you.

Lawful procedures against you for repayment of all expenses on a reimbursement premise (counting, however not constrained to, sensible authoritative and legitimate expenses) coming about because of the rupture.

Advance lawful activity against you.

Divulgence of such data to law requirement experts as we sensibly feel is essential.

We bar risk for moves made in light of breaks of this satisfactory utilize strategy. The reactions portrayed in this arrangement are not restricted, and we may make some other move we sensibly consider suitable.

Changes to adequate utilize approach

We may update this worthy utilize approach whenever by revising this page. You are required to check this page every once in a while to pay heed to any progressions we make, as they are lawfully authoritative on you. A portion of the arrangements contained in this adequate utilize approach may likewise be superseded by arrangements or notification distributed somewhere else on our site.

Report abuse policy

Shared facilitating accounts are constrained being used of the measure of server assets. Shared server asset mishandle incorporates any procedure or administration utilization that influences typical shared server operation, assets or availability, and which makes a server wind up noticeably over-burden. Shared server assets incorporate CPU and memory use, number of simultaneous procedures, number of simultaneous port or database associations and aggregate transfer speed.

Conceivable reasons for server asset mishandle incorporate, however are not restricted to, the utilization of: CGI, Perl, Sendmail, mySQL, MSSQL, PHP, ASP, CFML, HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and FTP. On the off chance that server asset mishandle is identified, conceivable activities incorporate, however are not constrained to: crippling of the culpable content or contents, handicapping of the particular administration, debilitating of the whole record or record cancelation. In the event that server over-burden is an aftereffect of server asset mishandle, these moves will be made without earlier notice or cautioning.

To report a case that you accept damages our  Terms and Conditions, please explore to the Contact page and send us message there.




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WE Alert YOU THAT UNDER Government LAW, In the event that YOU Intentionally Distort THAT ONLINE MATERIAL IS Encroaching, YOU MAY BE Liable TO Substantial Common Punishments. THESE Incorporate Financial Harms, COURT Expenses, AND Lawyers Charges Acquired BY US, BY ANY COPYRIGHT Proprietor, OR BY ANY COPYRIGHT OWNER’S LICENSEE THAT IS Harmed Because OF OUR Depending UPON YOUR Deception. YOU MAY Likewise BE Liable TO CRIMINAL Arraignment FOR Prevarication.

Try not to SEND ANY Request Random TO COPYRIGHT Encroachment (e.g. Solicitations FOR Specialized Help OR Client Administration, REPORTS OF Email Mishandle, and so on.) TO THE CONTACT Recorded Beneath. YOU Won’t Get A Reaction IF SENT TO THAT CONTACT.

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