Hi, My name is Waleed Sayed, i am a front-end web developer, designer and 3d artist. overall i enjoy working with people who care on projects that make me think.

2008 - 2009

At first i started to edit the videos by windows movie maker and then on the advanced video editing software, initially it was just a hobby and then I began to learn on the Photoshop editing images in a simple way, this period was all just entertaining but it turned later to more than a hobby.

2009 - 2010

After that it became a challenge. I started to learn about the 3DMax software. I started out with exterior design, architectural exterior and then interior design, and it became very important to me, but I found out that there is something within the 3D world that is more interesting and more advanced.

2010 - 2012

This is an animation. It was very amazing for me to learn how to design a character, move it, design a personal costume and shape with all its characteristics. It was not easy at all, but it was encouraging for me.

I started designing and animate simple characters, but I noticed that my level is fixed and I realized that because of the lack of a structured script to work on it I started thinking about where to find a structured script? The scene of this movie is Pirates of the Caribbean, I took a scene and imitate this scene completely, was very hard work and took a year of work because this scene was for me a school, which I have already learned and implemented the scene was the first scene of its kind in The Arab world was actually a very big success, I spent a period in the field of 3D and then moved on to programming!

2012 - NOW

And finally moved to the field of web design and development. I have also mastered the field of designing logos, advertisements, brochures etc... Also, I have mastered the field of social media marketing, my work in the field of 3D made me quick to learn and I also developed how to solve problems because this is the basis of work. Also mastered web design, eCommerce websites, online stores, payment gateway, security and also managed hosting and WHMcs and how to deal with servers and web mail etc…